Saving Time Saves Lives - How the ICE-scan APP works

An emergency needn't become a tragedy so be prepared and download our free APP. And to create your own personal profile, your set of 5 ICE-scan tags are available for an annual subscription of just £24.00 - about 6 pence a day! Just register via the APP and your tags will arrive within 3 days.

For companies and groups who wish to purchase multiple subscriptions , we are able to offer discounted terms so please CONTACT US and let ICE-scan protect your staff, members and their families when knowledge and timing are at their most critical level.

NHS and Emergency Services personnel will all benefit from a 50% discount by using the APP to simply register using your ‘work’ email address and entering the code EMS999 to amend your annual subscription to £12.00 . If the domain of your email address is not yet registered with us then please CONTACT US and we'll get that sorted for you straight away!