Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of ''ICE''

'ICE' is the internationally recognised acronym for IN CASE of EMERGENCY.

I'm healthy with no known underlying health conditions , why would I need ICE-scan?

Accidents and illness can affect anyone of us at any time and anywhere - in an emergency your ICE-scan Tags, when scanned with the FREE ICE-scan APP, will quickly 'talk' to the Emergency Services. The APP’s integrated What3Words (W3W) feature means that anyone scanning your dedicated QR code on your Tag is able to provide the emergency operator with an exact incident location while its EXPORT feature means that the emergency responders can, if they need, put your details straight into the hands of their Hospital A&E colleagues - both huge time and potentially life-saving features in an emergency!

Can I just scan the ICE-scan Tag with my device camera or a generic QR reader?

Yes you can use your device camera or a generic QR APP reader however, the fundamentally crucial W3W and EXPORT features will not be visible and so we strongly recommend that you download the FREE ICE-scan APP using the buttons at the bottom of this page.

I’ve got my 'ICE' details are stored in my phone – why would I need ICE-scan?

Sophisticated smartphone security prevents or, at best, seriously hampers quick access to vital medical and identity details while ‘open’ phones are vulnerable to theft of sensitive personal data, often taken without their owners knowledge. Any personal data stored on your device is vulnerable to unscrupolous theft. However, with their distinctive ‘Blue Star of Life’ logo, ICE-scan tags are consistent in appearance and so easily and quickly recognisable in an emergency, their securely held data is simple to access and placed on your smartphone, protective helmet, security pass, key fob or in a prominent place in the home (5 tags provides ample choice) then they will always be easy to find. Smartphone battery degradation, failure or accident damage are further issues to consider.

What about emergency style wrist bands or high tech wearables?

Low tech solutions have no storage capacity and provide very limited detail while the plethora of high tech devices vary widely in appearance, access and functionality, dangerous and unwelcome when time is at a premium. And while some devices employ Near Field Communication (NFC) access can operate without internet connectivity, the sensitive data that they hold can, as their functionality suggests, be easily compromised and without their wearers knowledge

So, how easily can others see my personal details with ICE-scan?

With great difficulty! The TAMPER EVIDENT upper layer of an ICE-scan Tag conceals access to patient details stored in the dedicated QR coding of the lower layer of the Tag. This protects your data from casual and unscrupulous viewing as your Tag needs to be visually scanned. Furthermore, ALL access, including self-editing of your personal ICE-scan data via the APP, is recorded and reported back to you by email while you are also able to temporarily or permanently block any future access to your account, just like you can with many bank and credit cards.

ICE-scan's system SSL certification ensures that the security of the ICE-scan APP and the website is on a par with all major online banking systems.

How do emergency staff access my details?

Anyone with the FREE ICE-scan APP loaded on their smartphone or tablet can access and scan the revealed QR code on an ICE-scan Tag once they have removed the TAMPER EVIDENT upper layer – this allows the first on scene individual to make the initial emergency call and articulate precise incident location and patient identification to the emergency operator thanks to the What3Words technology incorporated within the ICE-scan APP.

Is internet access required to access my ICE-scan details?

Mobile internet connectivity is needed and is supported by the rapid development in 4G and 5G coverage across the UK, Europe and beyond. Internet access provides swift access to the patients details but in cases where the service is compromised, the clear detail that is on the lower layer of the Tag alongside the dedicated QR code can be verbally articulated, either by the first on scene to the emergency operator or by ‘on the ground’ emergency personnel to their Control or Hospital A&E colleagues.

How do I get my ICE-scan tags?

ICE-scan Tags are available via the ICE-scan APP by annual subscription and details can be found on our HOW THE APP WORKS page

. When registering for your ICE-scan tags and for SECURITY, only your name, address and payment details are required initially, the latter not applying to those whose organisation has subscribed on their behalf. In all cases, NO MEDICAL or PERSONAL details are required or requested at the point of registration and subscription.

How do I activate my ICE-scan account?

Your ICE-scan tags should arrive within 3 days of subscribing and will include very clear and brief activation details – only when your account has been activated will you then be able to add medical and personal detail to your account.

Do I need to upload my image to my ICE-scan account?

Although not mandatory, uploading and maintaining a current image has clear benefits and is highly recommended

What happens if any of my medical or contact details change?

Using the ICE-scan APP, simply sign in to your ICE-scan account with your personal security credentials, amend your details, save and log out - your details are immediately updated which you can check by scanning the revealed QR activation code on your Tag sheet.

Further questions and comments about ICE-scan?

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